Initially we're aiming to offer products in four distinct ranges, as described below.

What you will find common across all our products is that they come with comprehensive illustrated instructions. They'll also aim to be straightforward builds and in many cases self-jigging.

On the outside of every pack you will find a list of what's in the pack as well as what's needed to complete and, in many cases, what tools are recommended.

  • Gearboxes and drive components (available now)
    A range of etched nickel-silver gearboxes that are properly designed and produced with high accuracy. These are not quite like any etched gearbox you may have come across before, for a start they're designed for use with ball-races rather than plain bearings. Many of these gearboxes are self-jigging (although all require some care in their assembly) and result in smooth, quiet and long-lasting drives. The initial range is for 7mm scale, using 3/16" diameter axles. Drives for diesel locos are in here too...
  • 7mm scale products (coming soon)
    Primarily British Railways Southern Region, but there are some slightly more random things in here too. You'll find a range of details for 0-gauge diesels, which are based around the Heljan range, as well as inside motion parts, tender underframes and a variety of details for steam locos.
  • HO scale products (coming a bit later)
    Mainly parts for Deutsche Reichsbahn (East Germany) prototypes, including etched nickel-silver motion sets for Piko, Brawa and Guetzold locomotives. I've also been spending some time recently tinkering with US-outline (Southern Pacific) and even Canadian HO scale, so you might see some of that too. As ever, there are a number of things in the pipeline!
  • Everything else (as and when!)
    A small number of general-user products. And any of the products that don't sit well with the three ranges above can be found here.
  • If you're interested in any of these products you'll find instructions, application notes and other information on the Downloads page.