Clubs, societies and individuals' websites

  • Euram-Online My own website which shows what projects I've been working for the last ten years or so. There are also pages of hints, tips and topics such as DCC are also covered. It might give you a hint of what to expect here!
  • The Gauge 0 Guild Pretty much self-explanatory really. I've been a member of the Guild for a few years now and am very proud to support the organisation as a member of the Technical Committee
  • Western Thunder A really good forum for those who enjoy making model railways, especially in the larger scales. You'll find me here most days...

Manufacturers and suppliers

  • ABC Gears Manufacturers of superb motor/gearbox units for gauges 7mm and up.
  • Branchlines Blog The supplier for the gears used in our Blines 13:1 gearboxes, as well as stockholders for Mashima and Canon motors and a rather neat cardan shaft system.
  • C&L Finescale The new home for the Exactoscale range.
  • Eileen's Emporium Tools and materials for the discerning modelmaker.
  • Electronic Solutions Ulm (ESU/LokSound) Manufacturers of LokSound and LokPilot DCC decoders.
  • Exactoscale Amongst a whole host of interesting products, Exactoscale produce driveline and gearbox components, many of which are compatible with my own products.
  • Heljan Manufacturers of 7mm and 4mm scale ready-to-run diesel locomotives, amongst other things.
  • Howes Models ESU decoders, including LokSound decoders with their own sound rofiles.
  • Markits Producers of a range of interesting machinings including their well-known 4mm scale wheels and gears for both 4mm and 7mm scale models.
  • Modern Motive Power The inspiration for the Blines 13:1 gearboxes, which were originally developed for these much lamented (and hopefully soon to be reintroduced) range of brass diesel locomotive kits.
  • PHDesigns Amongst the PHD range are a small number of detail frets for the Heljan range of 7mm scale diesels.
  • Shawplan Apparently produce 7mm scale diesel details in the 'Extreme Etchings' range; not that there's much to tell you of that on their website!
  • Slater's Plastikard Alongside their well-known range of wheels, Slater's produce a universal joint system that may have some benefit in high-power applications of our products.
  • South West Digital The UK importer for the ESU LokSound and LokPilot decoders as well as the source of all of ESU British sound profiles.
  • Ultrascale The manufacturer of the gears sold through Branchlines and used in our Blines 13:1 gearboxes.