Steph Dale Model Products is (unsurprisingly) owned and run by myself, Steph Dale. Although I may not be a household name (or even a workshop, shed or loft name) I've been active in the business of producing model railway items on a commercial basis for well over fifteen years. A major part of my business has been tooling for etch work, pattern-making and general consultancy to the model railway trade. So although you may not know who I am, if you've built a variety of kits produced by the traditional UK 'cottage industry' manufacturers the chances are you've built at least one of mine.

There is also a small 'volunteer' crew who are helping with research, test builds, instructions, proof reading, website testing and moral support. They are also the end users for many of the products in the initial range.

The products I've been most happy with have displayed a certain 'no nonsense' approach to their construction as well as being faithful representations of their prototypes. I'm aiming for more of that here.

After closing the full-time business down some while ago to follow a different career path, I'm now in the position to start producing a few items alongside my regular day job. Please bear this in mind when contacting me; it may take me a day or two to respond to your communication.

The main Products are the focus of another page, but in short I'm producing items which help my modelmaking interests, so a priority will always be given to British Railways (Southern Region) in 7mm and Deutsche Reichsbahn in HO, as well as anything that's likely to improve the running performance of a given model. If anything I do can help you too, that's terrific and I remain open to suggestions for new items to add to my range.

If I can manage the time, I'd also like to provide a build service for many of the items that are available here; please contact me if that's of interest to you.