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As of the 1st April 2016 I have become a member of the Finney7 Partnership, and we're now re-launching the range of kits originally produced in 7mm scale by Martin Finney. From this point SDMP products will be managed as part of Finney7 and will be available again shortly. All enquiries relating to orders should be directed to Finney7, although I'm happy to receive technical queries. All existing orders will be fulfilled by me as the range transfers.

Steph Dale Model Products was launched in its current form in early 2013, although builds on experience gained over many years. You'll find more of the story on the About page. In brief the aim is to make available a number of items I've produced for my own use over the years, as well as developing products to reflect my current modelling direction(s).

The current range is explained in a little more detail on the Products page and concentrates on four areas: 7mm scale kits and components, HO scale parts and details, Gearboxes and drive components and everything else, the latter being a catch-all for the bits and pieces that don't fit easily in the other three areas!

I hope you enjoy looking around the site as it develops over the next few years. Please don't be alarmed if some of the links don't go anywhere; it's simply that I haven't got that part of the site up and running yet. If you see anything you like the look of, you'll find you can download the application notes and instructions from the Downloads page. The main developments will be highlighted in the News section further down this page.

For ordering any item, please feel free to contact me by any of the details given on the Contact page. In most cases email is likely to be the simplest way to get hold of me. I'm happy to take orders by email or post, but please note that I cannot process card payments at this time; cheque, bank transfer or Paypal are all offered, although the latter does attract a small premium to cover the charges for processing the payment.

If I can manage the time, I'd also like to provide a build service for many of the items that are available here; please contact me if that's of interest to you.


Product news

  • 15 May 2014 Production etches for the Romford-based gearboxes are here now, with delivery of the gearsets expected soon; more on the Gearboxes and drives page. Also available is a set of etched hornguides for use with Slater's 7961 'Insulated Square Bearings' designed as a replacement for the much lamented Slater's 7960 'Insulated Hornblocks', more on them soon.
  • 29 April 2014 New components are now on their way including an under-floor drive suitable for DMU, EMU or similar. Gearboxes using both the Markits and Romford gearsets have now been through the test-etch stage; there are a few minor amendments being made currently and production frets will be ordered shortly.
  • 28 April 2013 The Blines 13:1 products are all available now, including 'Power' and 'Remote' gearboxes as well as our off-the-shelf motor gearbox unit. Please contact me or see the Gearboxes and drives page for more information.
  • 10 March 2013 A new integrated motor-gearbox unit will be released shortly. This will be produced in very small numbers and uses our Blines 13:1 Power gearbox with a high-torque coreless motor. The resulting performance is smooth, quiet and with low current draw making it ideal for DCC systems. You can jump straight to the Gearboxes and drives page.
  • 10 March 2013 The first product to make it to market is our Blines 13:1 gearboxes. Available in two forms, a motor mounted version called 'Power' and a self-contained version called 'Remote'. Both gearboxes use Branchlines/Ultrascale 13:1 gearsets and ball-races, supported in a high-precision etched nickel-silver frame. These 'boxes will be available in three options, the plain fret, a full kit (including gears, bearings, etc.) and as a complete ex-works unit. I'll also be happy to quote individually for installation in a model of your choice, please get in touch for a no-obligation quote if this interests you.


This area will be used to let you know of any changes in the business and also to confirm when products become available.